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6 Ways to Ruin Good Marijuana

Everyone’s been in a situation where they bought some high-grade cannabis that they couldn’t wait to use at the next possible opportunity. But for whatever reason you don’t find the time to do so, and when you get around to finally consuming it, it’s not as good as you expected. You could blame whoever you bought it from, or you most likely messed it up yourself.

Here are six ways you’re ruining good marijuana:

1. Storing in Plastic

Putting your cannabis into a plastic bag or storage container is fine for short-term use. But you’ll want to avoid doing so for the long term, because the static charge in plastic can actually ruin the trichomes on your buds. It’s also not as effective at preventing oxidization, which will also ruin your marijuana.

2. Keeping it Out in the Light

Even if you’re using a proper container for your cannabis, you can still ruin it by leaving it out in the light. Unless your glass also has special anti-UV properties, exposure to light will speed up THC degradation for your marijuana. So when you finally get around to using it, you won’t get as high as you want.

3. Moisture Levels

Cannabis is a little finicky when it comes to moisture. You want to keep it somewhat moist, because letting it dry out will make it unpleasant to consume. But if you make it too moist, it becomes susceptible to bacteria, mold, mildew and other unpleasant things. So just like Goldilocks, you’ll want that moisture level to be just right, ideally between 50 and 65 percent humidity.

4. Putting it in the Fridge

When you want to keep food fresh, you put it in the refrigerator. So why not do that with cannabis? Well the problem is that refrigerators are often too cold and their humidity levels aren’t ideal for storing marijuana. So you’ll actually make your cannabis less fresh if you put in the fridge.

5. Not Using a Grinder

Not using a grinder won’t necessarily ruin your marijuana, but it does allow you to get your stash into the perfect shape and size for rolling and packing that really just can’t be replicated using other instruments. Your marijuana will still be as good, but you’ll be more frustrated trying to roll it in a joint.

6. Inhaling Too Deeply

Again, this technically won’t ruin good marijuana, but it will ruin your experience. The common idea for smoking marijuana is you take a giant deep inhale and hold it in your lungs to get higher faster. But actually, you absorb almost all of the THC right after you inhale, so the giant deep breath and holding it in is just an unnecessary (and frankly unpleasant) step that you don’t need to take.


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