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6 Ways People Have Incorporated Marijuana into Their Wedding

Now that marijuana is legal in a handful of states, people are figuring out ways to incorporate cannabis into old school businesses. That’s why you’ll see advertisements for “Bud and Breakfasts” around Colorado. And another business that’s increasingly adding cannabis to the mix are weddings.

Here are six ways people incorporate marijuana into their wedding:

1. Edibles

Obviously the easiest way to incorporate cannabis into a wedding is edibles. Offering marijuana-infused sweets as desserts is super simple, and also probably a lot cheaper than a lot of the other ideas on this list.

2. Cannabis Bar

No wedding is complete without an open bar. And now people are including cannabis bars as well. Couples are hiring budtenders to bring different strains and help educate people about the best ones to get them high at the wedding. A lot of places say it’s actually cheaper to have an open cannabis bar than to have an open regular bar at a wedding.

3. Centerpieces

Another popular way to incorporate marijuana is to put cannabis in the centerpieces at every table. They’ll also use cannabis buds in various other decorations around the venueAnd the guests can take the buds home with them at the end of the reception. Finally a reason for people to actually care about the centerpiece!

4. Gift bags

Couples can also give away cannabis-themed gift bags to guests. This can either include actual marijuana for people to consume at home, or they can simply offer things that will help them consume it, such as special bongs made just for the occasion.

5. Accessories

The wedding party always has some kind of flower involved in their outfit. Bridesmaids carry bouquets up to the front of the church, the groomsmen usually have boutonnieres on their tuxedo. Why not replace those boring flowers with some cannabis buds?

6. Smoking Areas

In the past people needed to sneak into the bathroom or behind the venue in order to smoke a joint during a wedding. But now couples are setting up special smoking areas with vapes, bongs and other devices to give people a safe way to consume their cannabis.


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