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7 Ways Marijuana Has Changed Over Time

Humans have used marijuana for thousands and thousands of years. And while we still smoke cannabis like our ancestors did, there’s still a lot that’s changed in the relationship between people and marijuana.

Here are seven ways marijuana has changed over time:

1. Imports

One of the biggest ways marijuana has changed in recent years is where it comes from. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, most cannabis consumed by Americans came from other countries, primarily Colombia. Today, a lot of legal and illegal cannabis consumed in America is from right here in the United States. Mexico and other places still grow large amounts, but Americans aren’t as reliant on foreign product.

2. More Flower

Since so many people were importing their cannabis in the 1960’s and 1970’s, they also had to take what they could get. So a lot of times you’d get stems and sticks and leaves in your cannabis and had to just roll with it. Today legal dispensaries can put out pure flower without all the nasty little bits that might make your marijuana consuming experience displeasurable.

3. But Also Less Flower

Another major change is that your marijuana will possibly no longer look like marijuana. The invention of concentrates and similar products allows people to get high without using traditional methods of consuming marijuana. You can also vape as well, which hides the smell and the smoke we traditionally associate with marijuana.

4. More Potent

You’ll often see reports that the THC content in marijuana has increased by some huge percentage since the 1960’s and 1970’s, which leads people to say, “This isn’t your parents’ pot,” or something like that. And while many of those reports are inaccurate, it is undeniable that THC content has increased in recent years mainly because cannabis growers are always trying to one-up each other. So while the increases may not be as huge as some suggest, there has definitely been changes over time.

5. Cannabis Drinks

It’s always funny when people write about a company investing in cannabis-infused drinks because historically that’s been one of the most common ways to consume marijuana.You can go all the way back to 2000 BCE and find people in Nepal and India whose preferred method of consuming marijuana was infusing it in teas. But today somehow cannabis beverages are seen as revolutionary.

6. Religious Ceremonies

While people had a more open view of marijuana in the past, they didn’t really use it recreationally like we do today. Instead they either used it for medicinal purposes or for religious ceremonies. From China to the Celtic tribes of Europe, almost every civilization had some ceremony related to cannabis. Most of these religions have faded away, and modern religions tend to have harsher views on cannabis. So we no longer use the drug as our ancestors once did.

7. Cannabis Trade

Today, it’s virtually impossible for countries to export cannabis somewhere else due to international drug treaties. But this is a modern invention that basically began in the 1960’s. For thousands of years, ancient cultures traded cannabis freely, spreading across the globe for all to use. Today that would put a nation in violation of international law.


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