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9 Ways Marijuana Affects Sex

We often hear about studies that talk about how marijuana affects sexual intercourse. And while many of these are positive, some of them are also negative.

Here are nine ways marijuana affects sex.

1. Take It Slow

A 2009 study found a correlation between men who frequently using cannabis and orgasming too quickly. They found that men who used marijuana regularly were more likely to be dissatisfied with the length of their sexual performance. Although the study’s authors noted that cannabis use can affect a person’s concept of time, so maybe they were actually lasting longer than they though!

2. Longer-Lasting Orgasms

While marijuana may shorten sexual stamina, it actually increases the length of orgasms. While this is mostly based off anecdotal evidence as opposed to scientific study, it is a widely reported side effect of marijuana on sex.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

While some people weren’t able to last long after using marijuana, others weren’t able to get it going at all. Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is three times more likely for daily cannabis users than non-users.

4. Decrease in Testosterone

While there is some debate on the subject, multiple studies have concluded that marijuana use leads to a decrease in a person’s level of testosterone, one of the hormones that triggers sexual desire and has a positive effect on libido.

5. Man Boobs

Another study related to the decrease in testosterone is some experts have reported a correlation between marijuana consumption and gynecomastia, a condition where there is a an overdevelopment of the male breast tissue. The slang term is “man boobs.”

6. Decreased Sperm Counts

From a biological point-of-view, the only purpose of sex is reproduction. And it turns out marijuana may not be helping in that area. A 2015 study found that male sperm counts drop by 28 percent if they use marijuana more than once per week compared with those who did not use at all.

7. Increased Pleasure

Hey, not all of the science is bad! One study found that couples who had sex while using marijuana were more likely to do so again. Apparently the experience was superior than doing it sober.

8. It’s an Aphrodisiac

This isn’t necessarily a scientific conclusion, but many historical texts provide evidence that people in the past viewed marijuana as an aphrodisiac. But perhaps that’s only because they didn’t have access to Barry White or Fifty Shades of Grey.

9. Increased Sex Drive

While marijuana may cause a decrease in testosterone, as noted earlier, it does not seem to have an effect on libido. A study from last year found that people who use marijuana were more likely to have more sexual encounters and partners than people who do not use cannabis. On average, marijuana users had about 20 percent more sex than non-users. Again, this isn’t a study about the scientific effects about marijuana and how it affects the brain, but it does show that if you use marijuana, you’re probably getting lucky a little more than people who do not.

(h/t Leafly, Huffington Post, SexInfo, Cosmopolitan and BigThink for information)


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