5 Ways Growing Marijuana Is Different Than Growing Any Other Plant

Most states with legalized marijuana also allow residents to grow their own cannabis plants. And while you may think this will be a simple task, it can actually be quite hard as there are several differences between growing marijuana and other plants.

Here are five ways growing cannabis is different than other plants:

1. Water

Marijuana plants are incredibly thirsty. Some require as much as 23 liters of water per day. A wine grape plant, in comparison, will only require 13. And some plants don’t even require daily watering. So yeah, marijuana is super thirsty.

2. Climate

Now most plants cannot handle very cold or very hot temperatures. But many plants are resilient to some fluctuations in weather, partly because humans have engineered them to do so. But marijuana is not one of them. Marijuana needs very specific temperatures and humidity levels to grow efficiently.

3. Lighting

When you buy a plant for your office or home, do you also spend hundreds of dollars on expensive lighting fixtures to place around your plant? No. But you do with marijuana, because marijuana is a plant that requires a lot of light in order to grow well. If you’re neglectful with your lighting, you won’t have a successful grow.

4. Sex

Like with humans, plants have male and female sexes. Most plants have both male and female flowers, while others have separate ones. But for most plants it doesn’t really matter if you grow male or female flowers, but with marijuana it does. Only female marijuana plants produce the bud that a person can smoke or consume. Male marijuana plants do not. So you need to make sure you get female marijuana seeds, as sexist as that may sound!

5. Time

If you’re an experienced grower of non-cannabis plants, you may start getting impatient after a few weeks when you think you’ve made little progress with your first marijuana plant. But marijuana does take a long time to flower, usually four to five weeks, which is more than most plants.


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