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How To Water Cure Cannabis

Water curing is a way to cure cannabis that's quick and easy compared to the classic way of slowly drying out flowers. Also, some claim to have had success treating marijuana afflicted with “bud rot” and flowers that weren't dried properly with a water curing method. Here we walk you through a simple water curing method that will take you about one week to complete. Good luck, and have fun!

1. Harvest your cannabis flowers and trim away large “fan” leaves and any stems you can. Some people wait until the end of the curing process to manicure their buds, so the choice is yours.

2. Fill containers with flowers and enough cool water (not too hot or too cold) to submerge all of them completely. We recommend using glass jars (wide-mouthed) or bowls with tight seals and reverse osmosis water, but tap water and plastic bags or bins will do the trick as well. You may need to weigh the flowers down with something to keep them entirely beneath the surface.

3. Change the water at least once a day as it becomes dirty with dissolved solids for the next 3-7 days. This keeps the osmotic pressure high and works to dissolve sugars, nutrients, and other undesirable particles present in the cannabis flowers, while leaving behind the insoluble, cannabinoid-rich resins. The water curing process is faster than waiting for the natural digestion process that occurs during a slow, air-drying cure. Some people use a trickle of running water to provide a continuous stream of fresh water so that the water never becomes so saturated with particles that it stops drawing out unwanted material.

4. Watch the water closely as it becomes clearer and clearer over the next few days, which signals that no more solids can be extracted using this method.

5. Pour out the water and hang damp flowers in a well-ventilated area to completely dry out.

The end result may not be as pretty, smell as good, or taste as wonderful as cannabis that's been air-dried for months on end, but it's a smooth smoke that's just as potent as marijuana cured for months.


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