Watch Will Ferrell Mock Nostalgia For George W. Bush On Saturday Night Live

Will Ferrell returned to Saturday Night Live last night and so did his caricature of former President George W. Bush, whose approval rating has hit an all-time high in the wake of President Trump's widespread unpopularity, according to a recent poll.

"That's right: Donny Q. Trump came in and suddenly I'm lookin' pretty sweet by comparison," Ferrell said in character. "At this rate, I might even end up on Mount Rushmore right next to Washington, Lincoln and...I want to say Kensington."

So Ferrell took it upon himself to purse his lips and squint his eyes once more to remind us why Bush was so disliked a decade ago.

"Don't forget we're still in two different wars that I started," Ferrell noted. "Hey, what has two thumbs and created ISIS? This guy," he added, pointing at himself.

He also noted that not all is bad with Trump's regime.

"At least the stock market's doing well now. You ever seen a graph of the stock market during my presidency? It's the only graph that comes with its own slide-whistle sound effect....Now I'm not economer, but even I know that's no bueno." 

Then he noted some similarities between himself and the sitting president.

"We both won the election despite losing the popular vote. Though back in my day, we didn't let Russians rig our elections. We used the Supreme Court like Americans."

Ferrell also lobbed criticisms at Vice President Mike Pence and former Vice President Dick Cheney in the skit. Check it out below (or click here if you're watching in Canada).


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