Watch: John Oliver Explains Why Presidential Primaries And Caucuses Don't Make Sense

Ever find yourself totally baffled by America's system of presidential primaries and caucuses? That's because the system simply doesn't make sense, according to John Oliver. His latest episode of "Last Week Tonight" exposes the absurdities of a system in which one candidate can win a state primary and yet receive fewer delegates than rivals, and some delegates are allowed to pick whichever presidential candidate they want, despite whom voters preferred.

The system has many critics, including candidates such as Donald Trump, who said the system was rigged in March 2016. Oliver joked, "There's no clearer piece of evidence that our system is broken - no more thoroughly dead canary in the coal mine than when Donald Trump is actually making sense."

The problem is that people only notice how bizarre the system for selecting presidential candidates is when the primary season comes around every four years. Afterward, voters turn their attention elsewhere and the broken system perpetuates itself. For now, at least. Oliver is hoping to shake things up with your help.

"The middle of the game is the worst possible time to change the rules. So if everyone is as angry as they say they are right now, let's together pick a date early next year to actually write an email to the chair of each party and remind them politely to fix this. I propose February 2. Now that will be easy to remember because it's Groundhog Day. Which does seem appropriate because unless this primary process is fixed, we are all destined to live through the same nightmare scenario over and over again until the end of fucking time."

So how badly broken is the system? So much so that the absurd rules are impossible to summarize. Check out this clip for Oliver's overview.


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