WATCH: Voice-Activated Typewriter Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

While there's no denying that laptops and tablets are convenient and portable, there's just something alluring about an old-fashioned typewriter. The clack of the keys, the smell of the ink - these are things that you just can't get when you're typing up a Google doc. 

But it's also true that pushing all those keys can be pretty hard on your hands. Enter YouTube channel Zip Zaps, who propose a novel solution to the problem. Using Windows' voice recognition technology, an Arduino board and a whole lot of ingenuity, they've made a typewriter that takes dictation.

Check it out above.


Dust off your air guitar, because it looks like that new Bill and Ted movie is finally happening – for real this time. “It looks like we might, actually, hopefully make a movie this summer,” the duo said, trading words in a brief video announcement posted to Twitter on Wednesday. The video features Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter standing before The Hollywood Bowl thanking the fans for their enduring love for the characters.

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