Watch Two Stoned Comedians Attempt to Explain How The Respiratory System Works

Remember how hard presenting those oral reports was back in high school? Well, imagine trying to do that while stoned.

This is more or less what two comedians did recently in a video called 'Stoned Science' for AsapSCIENCE, a new series that basically serves as a STEM-equivalent to Comedy Central’s 'Drunk History'.

In the clip, comedians Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzioni do their research, get high and attempt to explain the respiratory system. The video also boasts some impressive animation to humorously illustrate their points as they attempt to relate how we breathe.

So how do they do? Quite admirably, actually. They’re articulate, funny, and you might even learn a thing or two watching the video. Which, honestly, probably doesn’t bode well for the viability of the series moving forward—but it does give cannabis a good look.

If you want a quick, funny explanation for how the respiratory system works, then check out the full clip below.


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