Watch Tommy Chong Perform 'I Will Survive' Dressed as a Pineapple

This week, stoner icon Tommy Chong proved he was still relevant in 2019 by performing the song ‘I Will Survive’ in a pineapple costume while appearing in the latest episode of ‘The Masked Singer.’

For the uninitiated, ‘The Masked Singer’ is Fox’s bewildering new program that asks, “What if every contestant on American Idol was Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty?”

Here’s how it works—celebrities compete by singing pop standards wearing big, goofy costumes, while a panel of judges tries to determine their identity.

The show’s got all the makings of a hit—it’s presented in a cheap, talent show format, divided into short, sharable segments, and it is rife with B-list celebrities and Instagram stars; proving that blindly following market research can yield a number 1 show.

Either that, or it’s just another example of how furry fandom has finally entered the mainstream.

In the show’s second episode, which aired Wednesday, Chong had a hard time fooling the judges with his rendition of the Gloria Gaynor classic, although judge Jenny McCarthy did mistakenly assume he was Cheech.

If this were any other celebrity of his stature, we might say something like, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” But Tommy Chong? Nah, it checks out.

Watch the strange, full performance below.



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