Watch This Video of a Drug Raid on a Moving Submarine

This video of the US Coast Guard raiding a drug smuggling submarine is more dramatic than most summer blockbusters.

In the video a Coast Guard ship pulls up alongside the semi-submerged submarine. When the submarine doesn't stop, two officers board the moving sub and bang on the hatch until the vessel's operator appears with his hands up.

The bust took place in mid-June of this year and was one of 14 drug seizing operations undertaken in international waters off Mexico and Central and South America since May. According to a Coast Guard spokesperson, the operation has seen 39,000 pounds of cocaine and almost 1,000 pounds of marijuana seized over the past two months with a combined street value of $569 million.

The video was released on Thursday as part of drug offload event hosted by the Coast Guard at Naval Air Station North Island and attended by Vice President Mike Pence.

h/t: The San Diego Union-Tribune / Los Angeles Times


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