Watch This Supercut Of Joe Rogan Hating On His Least Favorite State

MMA commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan likes a little trash-talk now and then, but he rarely full-out hates on anything. In fact, the guy is probably one of the few sane people out there who actually defends InfoWars host Alex Jones. But there's one thing that Rogan considers completely indefensible: the state of Connecticut.

We're not exactly sure when Rogan's hatred of the Constitution State began, but it's come up repeatedly during interviews on 'The Joe Rogan Experience,' where the former 'Fear Factor' host has said Connecticut is "filled with despair" and "tax-sheltering cunts." And he's taken aim at the New England state's capital by saying "Hartford is a shithole."

Rogan spouts anti-Connecticut sentiments so often that his YouTube channel recently released a supercut of Rogan hating on the 5th state. Check it out below.


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