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Watch Stephen Colbert And Martha Stewart's Raunchy Gardening Show

Stephen Colbert and Martha Stewart pioneered some groundbreaking adult entertainment last night — raunchy gardening tips. What started as an innocent premise on 'The Late Show' quickly took a turn when Stewart introduced the flora they were working with.

"We brought you an assortment of very beautiful things, including this fabulous seed pod that we call hairy balls," Stewart said. "Don't fondle them too much," she snapped as Colbert kept touching the plant that looked like a green scrotum.

"It's CBS, Martha," Colbert scolded after Stewart said, "The hairy balls and pussy willows go together."

But he couldn't stop himself from getting in on the filthy fun when she criticized him for not hitting a flower with a hammer hard enough to crack the stem. 

"Well, you certainly know how to pound the pussy willow," Colbert quipped. "This is the dirtiest flower arranging I've ever heard of."

And they were only getting started. Check out the rest in this clip.


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