WATCH: Police Raid Hospital Room of Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Patient

On Thursday, stage 4 pancreatic cancer patient Nolan Sousley posted a video of police raiding his hospital room, searching his bags for marijuana. The video has since been climbing the ranks on Reddit and trending on YouTube.

Sousley is being treated in Missouri, which has yet to implement its recently approved medical marijuana program, meaning that THC treatments remain illegal in the state.

The video depicts Sousley and a companion attempting to explain the benefits that cannabis has had on his treatment as two cops search the room.

"If we find marijuana, we will give you a citation," one officer tells him.

In the video, the officers explain that they are responding to a call someone made about smelling cannabis coming from the room. According to the video description, the police ultimately found no marijuana.

"I should have the right to choose my end of life medications," Sousley wrote.

Watch the full video below.


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