The NBC hit 'Parks and Recreation' has been off the air for two years, but Nick Offerman's character Ron Swanson lives on in the memory - and on the skin - of fans who have paid tribute to the show by inking Swanson's likeness on their bodies. Offerman recently showed his appreciation by going on Instagram to critique the tattoo tributes to Swanson. 

Check out the tats and Offerman's reactions below.

Offerman: This is a very well-rendered tattoo of my face on human flesh, and I will try to continue living my life in a way that you're not one day sorry.

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Offerman: That is a pretty attractive rendering of my several chins. But I'm not sure if Ron would ever wear that shirt. And what planet is behind him? Fascinating. Thank you.

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Offerman: I hope you have a fine collection of long-sleeved shirts. I appreciate the bacon heart. Your work is true, and I wish you a long life.

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Offerman: There's rather a maritime quality to this tattoo, as well as an uncooked steak. All of which I applaud.

Aside from trawling Instagram, Offerman also went on Twitter, Quora, Reddit and more to answer fans' questions. Check out his responses in this video from GQ.