Louis C.K. Talks About Why He Can't Tell New Jokes To Fellow Comedians

On April 4, Louis C.K. will release his seventh standup comedy special - Louis C.K.: 2017 - on Netflix. To promote the new special, the prolific comic stopped by The Tonight Show and discussed his process for developing new standup material.

"It's hard because you've got to come up with new material for each one, so it's a lot of jokes," C.K. told Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. "You throw the jokes away, you start over. So every couple years I'm the worst comedian in the world - I have nothing to say. You have to start building jokes from nothing. And you have to go out and try them - you have to go out to an audience and tell them new jokes that you don't know if they're funny or not."

He added that comedians can't try out material on each other because calling them up to test out jokes-in-progress would be like asking them to make out with him so he can improve his kissing skills. The only exception is comedian Todd Glass, who is always up for hearing new material, but C.K. also says Glass is the the worst test audience because he's too high on marijuana to give decent feedback.  

C.K., incidentally, enjoys having a few puffs before going to see IMAX movies during his downtime. So he's not anti-marijuana by any stretch. In fact, he might be a model smoker because he keeps cannabis out of the workplace - except when testing out material with Glass. Check out how Todd reacted to C.K.'s bit about shutting down the pornography industry.



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