Watch James Corden Jump Out Of A Freaking Plane With Tom Cruise

Last night, James Corden proved that he was willing to do anything to bag that A-list interview (not to mention hitting viral video numbers) after jumping out of an airplane with Hollywood action star and stunt enthusiast Tom Cruise for 'The Late Late Show.'

The stunt was done in promotion of the latest installment of the 56 year-old actor’s massive “Mission Impossible” franchise, which, for 6 movies now, have wowed audiences with their explosive set pieces, impressive stunts, and fascinating display of an aging star’s midlife crisis.

The pair had a quick lesson and some bonding time to chat about the new flick before getting 15,000 feet in the air and jumping.

Dumb way to do an interview? Sure. But, much like the movies themselves, dumb done right can make for some seriously entertaining content.

Watch the clip below.


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