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Watch Christopher Plummer Deal Weed In This Exclusive Clip From The New Movie 'Boundaries'

Over his 60-year career onscreen, legendary Canadian actor Christopher Plummer has played everything from a singing naval officer in 'The Sound of Music' to the miserly oil tycoon J. Paul Getty in 'All the Money in the World.' But he's never played a weed dealer - till now. 

Next weekend is the nationwide premiere of the cannabis road-trip comedy 'Boundaries,' starring Plummer as Jack Jaconi - a deadbeat grandfather who is forced to reconcile with his family after he gets booted from his nursing home for selling weed. But instead of learning from his mistakes, Jack compounds them by talking his grandson Henry (Lewis MacDougall) into helping him pull off a series of scores as they sell off a trunk load of pot at every pitstop on a trip from Portland to Los Angeles. Think 'Little Miss Sunshine' meets 'Harold and Kumar.'

'Boundaries' also features Vera Farmiga ('Up in the Air') and Kristen Schaal ('The Daily Show') as Jack's daughters Laura and JoJo, as well as Christopher Lloyd as an aging hippie and a cameo from Peter Fonda, who was the first actor to infuse cannabis and other illicit substances into the road-trip sub-genre by starring in 'Easy Rider.'

Check out an exclusive clip above, where Plummer talks MacDougall into helping him sell off a massive stash of weed valued at $200,000.

"I'm a drug dealer. I know I may look out of my prime, but I'm just getting started," Plummer says in the clip.


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