On His Birthday, Watch A Supercut Of Musicians Covering A Bob Marley Classic

Bob Marley was born on this day (February 6). His influence on music, politics, cannabis and culture is incalculable - it's hard to think of a world without his songs. So, we've made a supercut of some of the many, many musicians who continue to play his music today. Watch as artists like The Fugees, Xavier Rudd and more play his classic 'No Woman, No Cry':

7 Bob Marley Tributes You Can Watch On Youtube Right Now

It's a good weekend to celebrate Bob Marley's life, and we rounded up some of our favorite covers of 'No Woman, No Cry' you can watch on Youtube today. I'll put links in the comments.

Posted by Civilized on Saturday, February 6, 2016

And now we want to know: What's your favorite Bob Marley song? Sound off in the comments.

Happy birthday, Bob.

Banner Image: Lucian Milasan/Shutterstock


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