Watch A Real Hacker Tear Apart Ridiculous Hacking Scenes From Hollywood Movies

There are some things that Hollywood just never gets right.

Teen dialogue, for instance. Considering the vast majority of movie scripts are written by middle aged white men with only the vaguest understanding what “lit” means, whenever a teenage girl speaks on-screen, you can bet that it’ll sound, like, totally wrong.

Also, don't get us started on "stoners."

The other thing that the movies regularly messes up is the idea of computer hacking. They often struggle to make what is actually a long and arduous process look “exciting” on screen—mostly though technobabble and ultra-fast typing.

In a new video from GQ, however, a real hacker is brought in to set the record straight. Samy Kamkar, the man behind the fastest spreading computer virus of all time, takes a look at some iconic hacking scenes from movies to explain just how wrong they are.

Watch the full clip below.


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