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Washington To Ban A Variety Of Marijuana-Infused Treats This April

Officials in Washington have announced plans to ban particular cannabis candies they believe are too appealing to children.

The products that will now be banned are all cannabis-infused candies, specifically "hard candy (of any style, shape or size) and tarts" as well as "fruit chews, jellies and all gummy type products" according to a document released The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

The Board has had regulations around what kinds of cannabis edibles can be sold since recreational cannabis sales were legalized in the state back in 2012. However, the board has since decided that some of the products they have allowed retailers to stock had to be "reevaluated" based on recent concerns "raised by the Board, stakeholders, and the public."

Things like infused beverages and baked goods will continue to be allowed as will other candies with restrictions. Candies that can still be sold can't be colorfully decorated, and can't be molded in to a "shape or design that is especially appealing to children."

And while the Board says edible products make up only "9 percent of the marijuana sold in Washington State" and the products that will now be banned comprise just a small portion of that market share many businesses owners are critical of the decision.

The Seattle based edibles company Craft Elixirs, for instance, sells "candied artisan fruit chews" that owner Jamie Hoffman says make up 84 percent of their sales.

"We're hoping we’re not going to be collateral damage because of mistakes by others," Hoffman told The Seattle Times.

The Liquor and Cannabis Board will be holding a webinar on October 16 for anyone who has questions about the upcoming changes. Businesses can continue to produce and sell the to-be-banned products until April 3, 2019.


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