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Taste The Rainbow: Solstice Pre-Rolls Support LBTQ Charity

A Washington State cannabis grower is rolling out something special for Seattle Pride this weekend. Joe Santucci, marketing director with Solstice, tells Civilized the cannabis producer has partnered with Uncle Ike's on a limited-edition rainbow-toned pack of Pride Party Pre-Rolls. They'll feature a cannabis blend called Dr. Love, composed of several strains including Dutch Treat, "which has a nice sweet flavour.

The overall blend is on the sativa side so that people can get out and have a good time." Each pack will contain four joints, which will total 3 grams of product and retail for around $20.

"Both of our teams have quite a lot of members in the LGBTQ community, so we thought we had to do something for Pride," says Santucci.

Images Courtesy Of Solstice

Five percent of proceeds from the Pride Party Pre-Rolls will go to Entre Hermanos, a group which has since 1992 advocated in support of Washington's Latino gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning community, through disease prevention initiatives, education, and community-building.

Solstice will also be partying down at Seattle's Pride festivities on Sunday, with several cars in the parade and a flotilla of drag queens in attendance from Rupaul's Drag Race.

Since Washington's cannabis companies can't write off charitable donations, they'll be taking a loss on the pre-rolls; however, Santucci says, it's all for an excellent cause.

"It's not unusual for cannabis community to be supportive of different social issues: we've been an outcast ourselves for years, so anyone who's supportive of us, we're supportive back. Now that we're able to be above-ground and have professional packaging and promotions, it's come a long way...It's going to be a trend that you see a lot more of."

And Solstice and Uncle Ike aren't the only cannabis companies sponsoring Pride organizations in Washington this weekend. Paper & Leaf - a retailer that Civilized featured last week - is teaming up with a local producer to sell a five-pack of pre-rolls. They've combined a wide array of strains together into single joints for a unique experience, and "polite nod to diversity and inclusion in the community." There is a higher price for this pack ($44) with proceeds going to Equal Rights Washington.


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