State of Washington Set to Sue Trump Administration Over Marijuana Policies

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded protections for marijuana businesses in legal states, many politicians came out to defend the cannabis industry. But only one state is possibly going so far as to sue the federal government.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson says that he's prepared to sue the Trump administration if it initiates a crackdown on legal marijuana businesses. He says these companies are operating 100 percent legally and in compliance of state law, and for the federal government to intervene would be a major violation.

“In my view, we’ve got a legitimate business, playing by our rules here in Washington State and [if] the federal government comes in to try to shut that down, we’d be interested in that or any step that’s taken to adversely impact the system as a state that we have going forward,” Ferguson said. “That would be something we would be paying close attention to. My job is to defend state law, including initiatives.”

Last month, after Sessions announced his policy change, Ferguson asked any marijuana businesses in Washington who felt they had been harmed by the federal government to contact his office. It is possible that Ferguson did so to collect evidence and plaintiffs for a possible lawsuit against the Trump administration. 

Perhaps Sessions thought no one would care about his marijuana policies, but he was clearly wrong about that. Maybe if more pressure gets put on him, he'll eventually back down. But it's good to have a lawsuit ready just in case.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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