Washington Politicians Can't Figure Out What's Good Marijuana

By January 15th, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board must determine what standards to set for the state's cannabis for laboratory testing. There's only one problem: they have no idea what those standards should be.

A new report from the Washington Department of Ecology says there's no agreed upon determination for what is an acceptable quality for marijuana. They basically said legalized states can't agree upon an acceptable quality and basically just set some arbitrary standard. Compare this to say water, where there are scientifically determined levels of what is safe or unsafe for a human to drink.

The Washington Department of Ecology suggested that the state convene Cannabis Science Workgroup comprised of biologists, chemists, doctors and other scientific fields to look at various research and determine an acceptable standard for cannabis for things such as mold, pesticides and other things that could taint marijuana.

This could become a problem in Washington. If the Liquor and Cannabis board doesn't make a recommendation by January 15th, then the state's testing labs will simply be able to make up their own standards in regards to acceptable contaminants. If they put standards that are too harsh, then Washington dispensaries may be refused to stock a significant number of their products. Or if it's too lenient, then people may end up buying cannabis in Washington that's full of pesticides or mold. 

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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