Washington Governor: 'I Can Honestly Say We’ve Got The Best Weed In America'

On last Friday's 420 edition of 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) took a moment to brag about the quality of marijuana grown in his home state.

'I can honestly say, we’ve got the best weed in the United States of America,' Inslee (D) said. 'It’s a growing industry, and well-regulated.'

And being the first of only a handful of US states to legalize recreation marijuana Inslee has a lot to brag about.

Of course, Inslee isn't the only politician talking up the cannabis in their state. Earlier this month California congressperson Ted Lieu made some bold claims about weed from his state too.

But, with incoming legalization in Massachusetts and the whole of Canada, Inslee and Lieu may be in for some competition.

Check out Inslee's comments in the video above.


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