Walmart Canada Considering Selling Cannabis-Based Products

The Canadian arm of Walmart Inc. has begun early investigations into the possibility of selling cannabis-based products in its stores. That said, the retail giant isn’t ready to make any major announcements just yet.

"Walmart Canada has done some preliminary fact-finding on this issue, but we do not have plans to carry CBD products at this time," spokeswoman Diane Medeiros told the Vancouver Sun.

This tentative interest is consistent with the recent actions undertaken by Coca-Cola Inc. The beverage seller said last month that it is "closely watching" CBD's non-psychoactive properties as an ingredient in wellness beverages. This is hardly a commitment, but it does show that the company is open to the idea.

In Canada, the Shoppers Drug Mart chain received approval from Health Canada last month to become a licensed marijuana producer, which could allow its pharmacies to dispense medical cannabis to patients.

These discussions coming from established brands could have the potential to influence legislation, and could have a major impact on how cannabis-based products are sold in the country.


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