Only 7% of Voters Support Funding Border Wall to End Government Shutdown

As the federal government shutdown continues to extend its record as the longest in U.S. history, many are wondering how the situation will be resolved. President Donald Trump says he won't end the shutdown until he gets funding for his border wall, but according to a new poll, Trump may need to change his priorities.

According to a poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult, only seven percent of American voters supporting funding Trump's border wall as a means to end the current government shutdown. 54 percent of voters said they blame Trump and the Republicans for the current government shutdown, and 57 percent said they disapprove of Trump's job performance. 

So clearly voters don't approve of Trump holding the government shutdown hostage until he gets his border wall. But they actually don't support it even if the government were active. Only 43 percent of voters support a border wall regardless of the government shutdown situation. So basically Trump is trying to force a border wall not a lot of people want, and to do so he's keeping the government shutdown, which people are blaming him for.

The poll also said that 57 percent of voters believe that Russia has compromising information about President Trump.

So no one likes Trump, or his policies, or his handling of the government shutdown, and they think he may be a traitor to the Russian government. And still Republicans are just defending him every chance they get?!

(h/t Daily Beast)


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