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Vladimir Putin Says Censoring Rap Will Lower Marijuana Use

For decades, politicians and anti-drug advocates have tried to figure out ways to get people to stop smoking weed. But now Russian President Vladimir Putin has the solution: censoring rap music.

Putin recently held a summit with various cultural leaders in Russia, and part of the discussion revolved around drug use. One of the leaders at the meeting, music producer Igor Matvienko, noted that rap music is a contributing factor and said that drug use is one of the three pillars of rap, along with sex and protest. Matvienko then said Russian radio stations shouldn't play rap music.

“It is totally everywhere, and this is wrong. It’s wrong that our radio stations put it on the air,” Matvienko said.

Putin agreed with Matvienko, and while he didn't go so far as to propose banning rap music all together, he did say he thinks it should be tightly regulated.

“I am most worried about drugs,” said Putin. “This is the way towards the degradation of a nation.”

Of course, it helps that the Russians can blame their country's drug use on the United States, since that's where rap music comes from. Matvienko noted that rap music is “not our invention… a total trend in the world [that] came from America, such as gangster rap.”

So now we finally know why Putin had Trump elected.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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