Visit Nepal For Himalayan Hikes And Cultural Richness. Oh, It's Cheap Too

Tony Wheeler began travelling to Nepal as a young man and founder of the Lonely Planet guidebook series. The mountainous Asian country has everything to capture the interest of the young, adventurous traveller: bustling cities with colourful markets, shops and restaurants; and the most challenging and majestic hiking in the world in the Himalayas.

It also happens to be very inexpensive, which appeals to young people in particular. More than 25 years ago, I went India and Nepal for three months and spent just $500, and it's still relatively inexpensive to travel around there today. You also get a better experience when you see a country that way, says Wheeler:

"The thing about budget travel is you get closer to the destination, you get closer to the people," says Wheeler. "I think that's particular important with young people. I think when you're young it's almost imperative not to have money because your experiences at that time are much more alive."

It's a important reminder for middle-aged and older people who get used to the creature comforts of travelling with more money. Wheeler himself knows this, having travelled back to the region in the decades since with his wife and children.

"I've been trekking with my children," he says. "It's amazing, you'll find, how far kids can walk. These kids will walk all day and then play all evening as well."

Check out Wheeler's full pitch in this promo video for Lonely Planet's 2017 pick for Best Value Destination.


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