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Would You Rather Be A Virtual Reality Ghostbuster Or NHL Goalie? Why Not Both?

Why watch your favorite films and sports when you can live them? That's what companies pioneering the art of virtual reality are trying to offer you. And this summer, you can take a trip to New York and live out your childhood dream of being a Ghostbuster.

The makers of The Void (Visions of Infinite Dimensions) - a virtual-reality theme park in Utah - are opening an attraction in Times Square that will feature "Ghostbusters: Dimension," an entertainment experience that will allow patrons to take an immersive tour through the world of Ghostbusters - checking out Ecto-1, proton packs and other gadgets from the fictional world. But the experience isn't just a virtual museum: after taking the tour, guests will participate in a paranormal battle alongside members of the new ghostbusting quartet.

To give patrons the most authentic experience, creators teamed up with Ivan Reitman - director of the original Ghostbusters movies - and Paul Feig, who helmed the remake, which opens on July 15 - two weeks after "Ghostbusters: Dimension" debuts. The Void works by equipping users with a VR headset as well as a haptic suit that tracks their movement and enhances the sensory experience. To immerse patrons in the simulated reality, designers use moving podiums, fog machines and other props to create a convincing atmosphere.

Check out the teaser trailer for "Dimension" and other VR experiences below.

1. Sports

Every sports fan knows that getting tickets to the big game can put you in debt - even for seats in the nosebleeds. And if you live outside your team's market, you're out of luck when it comes to seeing the event in person. But virtual reality could change all that by giving you the best seat at a reasonable price for every game.

How good of a seat are we talking? Maybe you've watched an NBA game courtside, but have you ever see it from the backboard? That's what the tech company Next VR did for a demo that placed cameras on stanchions behind the net so that they play is always coming at you. But try not to spill your drink on the equipment when the Minnesota Timberwolves' Zach LaVine charges the basket with a monstrous dunk.

But the NBA is facing competition from other leagues in terms of becoming the first to offer a VR experience. The NHL has been working on putting fans in a player's skates through a VR demo that lets users experience a game as New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

So would you rather face layups or slap shots?

2. Concerts

Like basketball tickets, concerts can be extremely expensive: the bigger the band, the bigger the price. And if you don't live in a bustling metropolis, you'll also have to endure the aches and pains that travel puts on your body as well as your wallet. Unless, that is, you can attend the concert in your living room.

Virtual-reality pioneers NextVR has teamed up with the event promoters at Live Nation to let you watch concerts from multiple areas of a venue - from the back row to the stage, where users can zoom in to study their favorite musician's techniques. The experience will be available this summer, and creators have said that a diverse list of acts including Beyoncé, Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers will be among the available acts.

3. History

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live through a war? Film producer Jonah M. Hirsch is offering moviegoers that experience with "Anne" (2016) - a VR short that puts viewers inside the cramped living quarters where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II.

"We're just trying to recreate history," Hirsch told FOX News. "And make the viewer feel as if they were a fly on the wall and got to see what actually happened."

Director Danny Abrahms says the VR experience will "humanize Anne" in ways that movies have failed to do. "Traditional film is a great storytelling tool," he told FOX, "however by immersing viewers in the annex itself and allowing them to witness history in real time firsthand, we believe VR is able to create new levels of appreciation and empathy."

And this project is only the first of many that Hirsch plans to produce. "I look for specific moments in history that are meaningful, have universal appeal, [and] work well in a virtual reality environment," he said.

What historical event would you like to live out?

4. Porn

The musical "Avenue Q" famously quipped that the Internet is for porn. And so is virtual reality, apparently. Instead of getting into the details on this one, we'll let you see the hilarious reactions from test audiences in this censored clip from BuzzFeed.

h/t The Verge, Fortune


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