A Curious List of Celebrities Who Have More Facebook Fans Than Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a pretty popular guy in certain circles. The two-term president, enjoyed a 50% job approval rating at the beginning of March according to Gallup. His predecessor George W. Bush closed off his presidency with just a 34% approval rating. But a less scientific test of one's popularity might just be how you measure up on social media. On Facebook Barack Obama has 47.4 million fans. George W. Bush: 4.6 million. But these other famous folks outrank both commanders in chief.

1. Vin Diesel


Facebook fans: 97.9 Million

Vin Diesel is more popular than almost everyone in the world if you use Facebook as a measurement. His profile is full of charming tattooed family pics of actor Vin, best know for his role as Dominic in The Fast and The Furious. And the franchise fan page for the films also ranks higher than Obama too, with more than 57 million fans.

2. Rihanna


Facebook: 81.5 million

Cannabis loving Rihanna is talented, beautiful and an international superstar. While rumors had swirled that she was following fellow music industry celebs Snoop and Kurupt into the cannabis industry, she's not, at least not yet.

3. Bob Marley


Facebook fans: 74.7 million

Jamaica's best known musician is loved worldwide. No surprise here.

4. Jackie Chan

Shutterstock.com/Denis Makarenko

Facebook fans: 64.4 million

The actor/director may not post often to his hoard of loyal fans, but when he does it's often a good #TBT pic of his best moves.

5. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Shutterstock.com/Jaguar PS

Facebook fans: 58.8 million

He's an actor. He's a wrestler. He seems like a really nice guy. Beach pictures with his dog, movie trailers and workout videos are what his fans get when they visit his page.

6. Enrique Iglesias


Facebook fans: 50.8 million

Enrique Iglesias, with his bedroom eyes and Instagram account, would probably make a more formidable election opponent than Mitt Romney or John McCain, but Barack, we know you can out-Facebook him... just 3 million more likes to go.

Banner Image: Ron Foster Sharif / shutterstock.com


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