John Oliver Is Disdainful Of The Recent Wave Of Republicans Walking Away From Trump

It's too late now, John Oliver tells prominent Republicans abandoning Donald Trump in the wake of the Access Hollywood story, and his failed attempt to adequately apologize at the presidential debate last night. People like Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, who announced today he will no longer campaign on Trump's behalf, and John McCain, who has said he will not vote for Trump come Election Day, cannot simply absolve themselves of responsibility for Trump, says Oliver.

“I have wanted to support the candidate our party nominated,” McCain said in a statement. “But Donald Trump’s behavior this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults, make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy.”

Oliver gets most exercised about McCain's claim that Trump alone is responsible for his words and actions, and "should alone suffer the consequences." As if, Oliver says, there haven't been many "last straws" before this one, whether it's the proposed ban on Muslims or a wall being erected to keep "rapist" Mexicans out of the United States. 

"He does not alone bear the burden of his conduct because he alone did not make himself your party's nominee," says the host of Last Week Tonight. "All of you have consistently supported him through some absolutely heinous shit...The only way you get to be shocked and outraged now is if you were cryogenically frozen until Friday afternoon, and that Access Hollywood tape was the first thing you saw upon being reanimated."


H/t The New York Times.


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