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6 Video Games Where You Can Make Your Character Smoke Weed

People seem to be mostly fine with video games that involve shooting thousands of people with guns, but as soon as those games include a little nudity or sex, everyone loses their minds. And that outrage is doubled if there’s anything involving drugs, even marijuana. But there are some games that are willing to include a little cannabis in their gameplay.

Here are six video games where you can smoke weed:

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video game series ever because it basically just drops you into a giant city with guns and let’s you do whatever you want. In the most recent game, they added bongs in the houses belonging to your characters. So you could use your bong, and then you’d stumble around your house for a little bit. It was pretty fun.

2. Saints Row 1 and 2

The Saints Row games are basically just rip offs of the Grand Theft Auto series, although they usually took everything one step further. As part of that, the first two games in the series allowed you to smoke marijuana even before Grand Theft Auto did.

3. Far Cry 3

In Far Cry 3 you’re stranded on an island trying to help your friends who have been kidnapped by pirates. In one mission, you’re tasked with burning down a field of marijuana. And if you get a little too close, your character will start feeling the effects and the mission gets a lot more difficult.

4. Narc

The original Narc game was a 1988 arcade game where police officers basically shoot a bunch of drug dealers. But in a 2005 remake of the game, after you confiscated a drug dealer’s stash, you had the option to turn it in to the evidence room, sell it on the street yourself or use it yourself. In fact, the game even gave you performance boosts for using the drugs, including marijuana.

5. Weed Shop

Weed Shop and its sequel Weed Shop 2 are PC games available on Steam where you go through the process of building a marijuana business. You can grow your own cannabis, staff your own dispensary, and even roll your own joints. Technically, you don’t really smoke marijuana, but you literally do everything else related to it so we’ll still include it.

6. Postal 2

Postal and Postal 2 are two controversial video games that included a ton of material that was meant to gross or offend many people. For instance, you could pee on enemies to stun them, and that’s really just one of the more tame things. So obviously including marijuana use (and a bunch of other drugs as well) was going to be included.


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