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New Study Finds Video Games are an Important Way to Cope With Stress

Many people think video games are just a waste of time for people who are too lazy to go outside and read a book. But a new study finds that most people use it as a way to cope with stress and live the rest of their lives more positively.

Researchers in the United Kingdom surveyed 1,000 games between the ages of 18 and 30 about their video game habits. 55 percent said it helps them unwind and relieve stress from the rest of their lives. Another 47 percent said that they believe performing well in a video game has a positive impact on their lives outside of gaming. 

And despite the stereotype of gamers as loners, the survey also found that playing games actually led to more social interactions for people. The survey said around 60 percent of gamers play with friends or a group of people they know. And that on average, a gamer makes about three friends online. In fact, around 25 percent of gamers said they've made more friends through video games than any other outlet in life.

There were other positive affects of playing video games as well. 27 percent said they believe it helped them deal with a mental health issue. 37 percent said it helped boost their confidence. 

In short, playing video games is not only fun, but it also appears to have a positive influence on a gamer's life.

(h/t SWNS Digital)


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