This Video Answers the Question: Should We End Aging Forever?

Life follows a pretty traditional cycle for most people. You're born, you get old, and then you die. Not to be morbid, but that's just an accepted part of the human life. But what if you didn't have to age?

A popular YouTube channel called Kurzgesagt, also known as "In a Nutshell." They recently posted a video that explains why humans age. But not only did it examine our life cycle, it also investigated whether or not people could actually stop the aging process. But even if we could, would we want to?

Maybe watching this video will help you answer that question for yourself.


Before Nikki Furrer was a cannabis writer and professional, she had another dream job: owning an independent bookstore. While she says her business venture as a bookseller was ultimately untenable, it did open her eyes to how much she enjoys “matching the reader to the exact book they’re craving.” This zest for matchmaking is evident in her book 'A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis.' As the title suggests, 'A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis' is for women who are curious about cannabis. A more appropriate title, however, might have been a 'A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis.' Though Furrer touches on applications for the plant that are specific to women—relief of menstrual pain or beauty (though her belief that cannabis is a beauty product because it makes you appear more well-rested seems relevant to both men and women—much of the information in the book is relevant to anyone who is totally inexperienced with cannabis, apprehensive about trying it and needs a run down of the basics.

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