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Police Find Hundreds of Vials Filled With Marijuana Left in Dumpster

A town in Massachusetts is not happy with a local cannabis testing lab after hundreds of vials containing marijuana were found in a dumpster near their building.

A police officer in Framingham, Massachusetts noticed an unoccupied car behind a marijuana testing lab, MCR Labs, recently. When he went to investigate the nearby dumpster, he found hundreds of vials that appeared to be extracted marijuana or THC left in the dumpster. This is a slight issue, because Massachusetts regulations require testing labs to either grind cannabis samples or mix them with other materials to render them unusable, and that doesn't seem to be the case with the vials found behind this cannabis testing lab.

MCR Labs is one of only two labs in the state that tests recreational marijuana. A lawyer for the labs said that they follow procedures and were recently inspected by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. They said that they can't really explain what the officer found since they're not 100 percent clear what he obtained.

Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer wrote a letter to the Cannabis Control Commission about the incident. But it's not clear if the city will be taking any further steps to punish the lab or challenge their ability to operate.

Although anyone who thinks the best place to get cannabis is by going through the dumpster of a marijuana testing lab should probably not expect the best possible product.

(h/t WCVB)


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