Veteran/Cannabis Advocate To Jeff Sessions: 'What The F**k Is Your Problem?'

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally, begrudgingly admitted that marijuana may have some medical value, but he's still not willing to recognize it as medicine. So it's no wonder that war vets turned cannabis patients like Jose Belen are losing their patience with Sessions.

"I would really like to sit with him at this VFW and say, 'What the fuck is your problem?'" Belen - who served in the Iraq War for 14 months before returning home with severe PTSD - told Allana Harkin in a segment for 'Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.' 

Belen explained that he initially treated the nightmares, outbursts of rage and other symptoms of PTSD with medications prescribed by Veterans Affairs doctors, but those treatments only made things worse.

"I went to the VA and the pills turned me into this angrier version of myself, but when I started using cannabis, it just allowed me to function and think clearly."

Unfortunately, clear thinking isn't a strong suit for Sessions, who said marijuana is "only slightly less awful" than heroin shortly after becoming attorney general. And his way of thinking is actually in line with the federal government, which still classifies marijuana as a substance that is as dangerous as heroin.

So the 'Full Frontal' team joined forces with Belen and other advocates to take on Sessions - 'Full Metal Jacket' style. Check out their efforts to crash Sessions' office in this clip.


There are two things in my life I love most: cannabis and my fellow queers. Yet, the two hardly seem to intersect whenever I read articles about weed. Instead, I read mostly about CBD or legalization.

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