Watch: The People Say It's Time To Legalize Marijuana

The state government in Vermont is preparing to become the first in the nation to legalize marijuana through its legislative process - and not by ballot initiative like it's been done in Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska. And Governor Peter Shumlin has gotten a fair amount of national press for his progressive stance on this issue.

But legalization in Vermont has the support of the people, even if advocates like Tommy Chong thinks legalization by state legislatures isn't the right way to go. "The best programs come from the people, not the politicians," Chong says in a campaign ad for Michigan's proposed 2016 ballot initiative. "And that's why I support the MILegalize proposal."

The Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana just released a pair of TV ads - titled, "Vermont Is Ready" - to promote legalization in the state, and they feature ordinary people speaking in support of a regulated recreational market.

"It's time for marijuana sales to take place in regulated businesses...and stop taking place in our neighbourhoods," a pair of Vermont residents say in unison.

"It's time to create rules for testing and labelling for marijuana products so consumers know what they're getting," says another man.

It's time for you to watch this ad so you can see what everyone else has to say:


Prime Minister-designate Boris Johnson has dabbled with illicit drugs in the past, but reforming the United Kingdom's antiquated cannabis laws probably won't be part of his future. On Monday it was officially announced that MP Boris Johnson had been elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, which means he will succeed outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May as the head of government. Johnson is expected to take a different approach to politics than his predecessor, but anyone hoping that he will push for national cannabis reform probably shouldn't hold their breath.

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