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Vermont Could Pass a Bill That Would Make Excessive Marijuana Odor Illegal

Perhaps one of the very few criticisms that could be levied against marijuana legalization is people complaining about the smell. But the state of Vermont is looking to fix that.

The Vermont state legislature is considering a bill that would make marijuana smoke a "public nuisance" that would be ticketable offense. Vermont is set to legalize recreational marijuana on July 1st, and it will still be illegal to smoke marijuana in public places. But defenders of the bill say that the odor can be offensive to some people.

Of course, the question is whether this bill is even necessary. A Vermont police chief who's defended the bill admits that he's received zero complaints about marijuana smoke since the state legalized it medicinally in 2004, and they've only had a few complaints regarding cigarette smoke.

Technically, the bill before the Vermont legislature would simply give cities the authority to make marijuana smoke a public nuisance and decide how to punish it, it wouldn't force cities to adopt the law or specify any punishment. Vermont's marijuana legalization bill does allow landlords to ban their tenants from using marijuana on their properties. 

Well, as anyone who's ever gone to college can attest, there are many ways to hide the smell of marijuana. Just make sure to have some Febreeze and a fan ready.

(h/t Burlington Free Press)


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