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Venice Rescheduling: A Message From Our Publisher

Civilized was born to make a difference in the way the world views cannabis, and the people who choose to consume it as a healthy part of a balanced lifestyle.

For nearly four years now, we’ve worked to educate and highlight the changing face of cannabis – a movement which has, in part, expedited the modern cannabis culture we’re seeing today. The audience we’ve built treats cannabis like responsible adults, in a post-prohibition era.

We’ve taken our message to the world, and the world has responded with support. Never more evidently than at the second annual World Cannabis Congress we hosted and concluded this week in Canada, with participation by 650 global thought-leaders, mainstream brands, household names and industry influencers – including three levels of government. This is a top quality event that attracts top quality executives and sponsorship from internationally recognized brands.

Until today, it didn’t seem we’d have to fight this good fight in our own backyard: Venice Beach, a jurisdiction many consider to be the most progressive when it comes to embracing and destigmatizing cannabis.

Friends, we have made the difficult decision to reschedule the Civilized Games that were to be held this Saturday, June 22 on the Venice boardwalk.

Additional red tape restricting our ability to visibly recognize vendors and sponsors and mount educational signage as part of the Games set-up has recently been brought to light by decision-makers. Although ours was a compliant event vetted by a legal team, we have been willingly working with officials to find a resolution. Unfortunately, we’ve reached an impasse and now feel we will be unable to offer a full event experience including sporting events, on-site experiences and educational booths in Venice Beach at this time.

And that’s simply not the event you deserve or expect of us.

Our sincere apologies to the vendors, sponsors, entertainers and athletes who have signalled their interest and registered to participate.

We are not giving up on a Venice version of the Civilized Games and will be diligent in finding new locations. An announcement concerning new dates and venues will be forthcoming.

Cannabis is a dynamic and challenging space and, as trailblazers in destigmatizing cannabis, we are often at the forefront of these difficult situations.

Venice has long been home to artists, creators and rebels. I remain convinced that our elected representatives and business associations recognize that. This is among the first geographic locations to feature head shops and medical marijuana clinics in prominent street-level locations, as well as to mark and promote 420 by adorning the iconic Venice sign with cannabis leaves, after all. 

It’s clear that our work isn’t done. We will count on you for your continued support.

Please stay tuned for more information concerning details surrounding our rescheduled event. In the meantime, make your views known by sharing this post or crafting your own. As crusaders in the industry, we have a long history of raising our voices to ensure that these types of small-minded decisions don’t happen again. Now is not the time to be complacent.


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Photos from World Cannabis Congress 2019. Click any image to access the full gallery.


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