Vaping Marijuana Gets You Higher Than Smoking It, According to New Study

Vaping marijuana gets you much higher than smoking it, according to a new sA group of researchers from John Hopkins have put the age old debate to bed.

The study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University was conducted with 17 participants who identified as infrequent cannabis consumers. Over six research sessions, the participants were administered cannabis with varying levels of THC, the plant's psychoactive ingredient, which they smoked or vaped as directed.

After having a puff, each participant was asked to perform a series of physical and cognitive tests. They also had their heart rates and blood pressure measured ten times over the course of the eight-and-a-half hour sessions. Afterward, researchers found that even when given the exact same amount of THC, the participants felt more inebriated and performed worse on the tests when they consumed marijuana via a vaporizer.

"Vaporized cannabis produced significantly greater subjective drug effects, cognitive and psychomotor impairment, and higher blood THC concentrations than the same doses of smoked cannabis," the researchers wrote.

But, while vaping weed is likely to increase the intensity of your high, it doesn't seem to make it last any longer. The effects caused by marijuana peaked at the same time for both consumption methods and lasted for similar periods of time. Vaping did however result in more self-reported negative effects from the sesh. 

Ultimately, the study shows that new or infrequent cannabis consumers may be more likely to overdo it when vaping instead of smoking. So they should probably look into getting a vaporizer that comes with micro-dosing options.

H/T: Live Science


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