Vaping Just Got Simpler with Canndescent's Premium "Stylus"

The premium flower brand Canndescent is out with a little something special. No, not a new "effect" (more on those later), but rather, a new vape pen. The Stylus, as it's called, features a sleek, yet sturdy, soft-touch rechargeable battery along with five ultra-premium oil cartridges available in Canndescent's signature effects (charge, cruise, create, connect, and calm). For both new and seasoned consumers, these simple effects offer a clear picture of what the cannabis experience will be like — without confusing anyone over esoteric strain names or cannabinoid equations. What's more, the Stylus is easy to use — the cartridge magnetically pops right into the pen's battery, which offers three different temperature settings — and comes with extra goodies like a journal, a stylish pin, and a velvety pouch to hold the pen. The rest is history — snap in your favorite oil cartridge, and happy vaping. 


Recently the World Health Organization recommended that countries around the world reschedule marijuana and remove it from international drug treaties. And now the European Parliament is doing the same. The European Parliament passed a new resolution calling on member states to increase access to medical marijuana and increasing research efforts into cannabis.

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