Public Pool Shuts Down Amid Fears It Will Turn Into A Giant Hotbox

There's a no smoking rule at city parks and beaches in the Canadian city of Vancouver, but that hasn't stopped locals from organizing an event called 420 Vancouver at a popular public beach the west coast city calls Sunset Beach.

"We believe the beach is a safe place because sand won't go on fire, and we'll make sure we'll have ashtrays and any sort of garbage collection for any of the refuse left behind, " Jodie Emery told CBC back in February.

The unsanctioned event is expected to attract 25,000 people, many of whom, if past events are any indication, are expected to exercise a little civic disobedience and protest prohibition by lighting up.

The sheer number of smokers is having unintended consequences for the Vancouver Aquatic Centre next door, which has decided to shut down for the event, fearing the building's ventilation system will turn publicly owned pools into a giant hotbox for swimmers.

"It's not possible to shut down intake fans," park board chair Sarah Kirby-Yung told CBC, "Given the tens of thousands of people expected to be around the Aquatic Centre smoking marijuana that day, we are very sensitive to that intaking into the building."

h/t CBC


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