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Sammy Hagar Wants A Van Halen Reunion Featuring A Sing-Off With David Lee Roth

Van Halen fans aren't the only ones pining for the next reunion of the quintessential hard rock band. Former frontman Sammy Hagar wants to put together a reunion tour with himself alongside the 1984-era lineup of Alex and Eddie Van Halen, Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth. That's right: Hagar specifically wants to tour with his rival frontman so that he and Roth can stage a sing-off for fans.

"I'm gonna tell you exactly what my dream would be," Hagar told Rolling Stone recently. "It would be Sam, Dave, Mike, Al and Eddie....I'd say, 'Dave, you go out and play two songs, then walk off the stage. I walk out, I'll do two songs. I'll walk off, you do two songs.' Can you imagine the competition of that? Dave goes out and does 'Jump' and 'Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love.' I go out there and blow out something like 'Good Enough.' You gotta hit it hard, and you better be good."


Van Halen during their 2004 reunion period, left to right: Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Eddie Van Halen

So on top of uniting the two classic incarnations of the band, the reunion would feature a showdown between Hagar and Roth that could settle once and for all which Van Halen frontman is better. But no matter who comes out on top, the biggest winners would be charity if Hagar gets his way.

"I would give my money to food banks if they [the band] would do the same," he said, adding that giving fans the ultimate concert experience was reward enough for him. "I would love to give the fans the greatest Van Halen show they could possibly have today. And then say, 'OK, I still don't like you guys.'" 

And he doesn't think it's too far-fetched to turn his dream into a reality, but the offer comes with an expiration date. "I think it could happen in a second. I think there's so much money involved that somebody will make it happen. Think of the promoters, managers, T-shirt guys, you name it....But at 75, I don't want to do a Van Halen reunion," said Hagar, who will turn 70 this October.

So to use Van Halen's words, they'd better get on this tour right now.


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