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Journey Once Got Caught In The Crossfire Of A Van Halen Food Fight

Van Halen are legendary for their backstage antics - from David Lee Roth's penis insurance to the infamous brown M&M clause in their tour riders. But the funniest backstage moment happened when fellow rockers Journey got caught in the crossfire of a Van Halen food fight.

The culinary debacle happened during the 1978 tour where Van Halen opened for Journey and Montrose (who featured future VH frontman Sammy Hagar, coincidentally). Even though Van Halen was new on the scene, they'd already gained notoriety thanks to their appetite for destruction.

"We tended to trash hotel rooms," former manager Noel Monk told Rolling Stone recently. "For instance, [bassist] Michael Anthony was a brilliant food mural designer. He would take the little amount of food we would get - we would of course augment it with five or six bottles of vodka - and he would make murals on the mirrors."

So Monk wasn't surprised when he found their backstage dressing room in disarray one day during the tour. However, he was taken aback by how eerily quiet it was.

"I walked in to get the guys ready to go on stage and it was dead silent," he said. "I'm looking at everybody and nobody's looking at me, so finally I say, 'Okay, what happened?' And Edward [van Halen] said, 'It was Dave's fault...He threw some peanuts at me...So I threw a bowl of guacamole. And I missed.'"

Instead of hitting Roth, the bowl struck a large mirror in the middle of the room, covering the glass in green slime. But not the whole thing. There was a gap in the splatter-mark that was roughly the shape of Journey frontman Steve Perry, who was sulking in the bathroom.

"I went in and Steve was in tears because he had his new, satin jacket on. He had just gotten it, he was gonna wear it on stage, and he had guacamole from the top of his head to his chest...You could eat off him."

And since organizers were already grumbling about throwing Van Halen off the tour, Monk rolled up his sleeves to help Perry look less like a nacho plate.

"I spent about an hour cleaning him off and convincing him that this jacket would be okay. It would live and see light again."

In other words...


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