5 Valentine's Gifts For The Cannabis Lover In Your Life

It's au courant to roll your eyes at Valentine's Day: it's a "made up holiday"! It was invented to sell greeting cards! It's a crass display of commercialism!

But even the world's most enlightened lover might still be slightly - if secretly - stung should you choose to skip V-Day altogether. Here are five gift ideas that riff on the romantic classics while still expressing your counterculture (read: pro-cannabis) leanings.

That's way more exciting than a last-minute teddy bear and chocolate heart from CVS.

1. Flower

Not into dramatic emotional displays? Say it with flowers - and we don't mean the pricey, cliched dozen roses. For modern lovers, the best flowers are dried, fragrant ones from a dispensary. A cute little gift box with a few grams of Chocolate Fondue, or a few immaculate pre-rolls in some fancy papers, are both thoughtful and functional. Bonus: you'll probably get to partake in the spoils of your generosity.

2. Candy

The fancy-gift-edibles market is, in 2016, deliciously diverse: for those in legal states, infused truffles, chocolate bars, glazed pecans and other potent, top-shelf sweets are guaranteed to delight your honey bunny. Or, get inventive in the kitchen by making your own. Be sure to make a few trial batches without cannabis first to avoid waste. Not only will you get points for creativity with the latter option, but you'll save cash. Snack responsibly.

3. Jewelry

The elegantly-designed Leaf activity tracker celebrates her love of nature and everything it has to offer: functions like a way-sleeker-and-prettier take on the FitBit, tracking activity, sleep, and even her menstrual cycle. Or if she isn't much for jewelry, this limited-edition Pax 2 vaporizer is a similarly golden marriage of form and function.

4. Sweet Lovin'

Yes, sex-themed gifts are generally a no-no: but what cannabis-loving lady hasn't been intrigued by the headlines surrounding Foria and Evos? Potent, coconut-oil based marijuana lube gets both partners feeling pretty amazing (Although we strongly advise against drinking a whole bottle of it just to see what happens.)

5. Romantic Getaway

A weekend getaway to Adagio Bud & Breakfast - where the day starts with a wake-and-bake, cannabis happy hour starts at 4:20, and meals are prepped by a gourmet chef - is a major win for any cannabis-loving couple. Also in marijuana-friendly Colorado: the Cliffhouse Lodge in Morrison, where guests get on-site massages, yoga classes, and what's billed as a "lazy, relaxed and unpretentious" experience among the Rocky Mountains. All in all, a perfect recipe for romance.


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