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6 Popular Vacation Destinations Where You Should Never Smoke Marijuana

Marijuana may be legal in a few U.S. states, but there’s only so many times you can visit Oregon’s forests before getting bored on vacation. So you may want to travel abroad to see the sights. But even in fun tourist locations, it can still be dangerous to use marijuana.

Here are six popular tourist destinations where you definitely shouldn’t use marijuana:

6. Singapore

Singapore has everything you’d want in a southeast Asian vacation destination: beautiful beaches, vibrant city and it’s super clean (they take cleanliness super serious there). But they also have incredibly harsh drug laws and are known for incredibly harsh prison sentences simply for marijuana possession.

5. China

While places like Beijing or Hong Kong seem like awesome tourist spots, do not attempt to acquire marijuana in this country. In fact, if you have more than seven ounces of marijuana, you could be sentenced to death for drug trafficking.

4. UAE

Now, most of us aren’t rich enough to take a trip to Dubai. But on the off chance you are, make sure you steer away from marijuana. A British tourist was sentenced to four years in prison because authorities found 0.003 grams of cannabis on his person.

3. South Korea

The Winter Olympics are currently happening in South Korea, which may inspire some people to take a trip there in the near future. If the threat of nuclear war isn’t enough to scare you away, be aware that just the presence of THC in your urine or hair can land you in jail for multiple months. And considering THC can last in your system for weeks at a time, you might have to avoid using cannabis for over a month before even heading to South Korea.

2. Sweden

European countries are known for having relaxed rules about marijuana, so you’d think you’d be safe to toke up wherever you want, right? Actually, while marijuana laws are pretty relaxed in Sweden, the country has a culture of social intolerance towards the drug. So you won’t get in trouble for using marijuana in Sweden, but you may not make many friends with the locals.

1. Japan

Whether you want to check out the Tokyo nightlife or head into the country’s gorgeous countryside, Japan’s a popular destination for many tourists. But be aware that marijuana possession is punishable by up to five years imprisonment. And even if you’re not convicted, simply being arrested can lead to a couple months in prison without bail.


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