Utah Radio Station Pulls Anti-Marijuana Ad After Complaints About False Statements

Controversy continues to swirl around the upcoming medical marijuana ballot initiative in Utah, and it's now hitting the radio waves.

A radio station in Salt Lake City, Utah is pulling ads opposing the state's upcoming medical marijuana initiative after they received several complaints about false statements in the ad. The Salt Lake Tribune did not specifically list what the falsehoods in the commercial were, but the station that pulled the ads said they received 53 complaints over the weekend about it.

This news follows events on Tuesday where the Utah Patients Coalition, the organization supporting the medical marijuana ballot initiative, formally filed a complaint against Drug Safe Utah, the organization behind the false radio ads, saying that the group was making false claims about the upcoming ballot initiative

“These new efforts are part of a larger trend on [Drug Safe Utah’s] part to lie to the public,” the Utah Patients Coalition says in its complaint. “While we respect those who disagree with the legalization of medical cannabis in Utah, the Utah Patients Coalition considers the use of false statements to be repugnant, especially when their effect would be to continue criminalizing patients in Utah.”

Drug Safe Utah did not seem willing to back down after the complaint.

“Drug Safe Utah stands by its public statements and ads and will respond to this effort to silence debate,” the organization said.

Who knew people from Utah could get so heated?

(h/t Salt Lake Tribune)


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