Utah Governor Wants to Pass Medical Marijuana, But Won't Support Ballot Initiative To Do So

In a strange statement, Utah Governor Gary Herbert says he does support legalizing medical marijuana, but he won't vote for a ballot initiative that would accomplish that goal.

Yesterday Herbert held a press conference in which he reaffirmed his decision to not support a ballot initiative in Utah this November that will legalize medical marijuana. But he followed up that decision by saying he believes the state legislature needs to address the issue whether or not the initiative passes.

“If it doesn’t pass, then we need to get with the Legislature and come back into session and create a better law,” Herbert said. “If it does pass, we still have the same challenge, and that’s working with the Legislature and all the stakeholders."

Herbert said he doesn't support aspects of the November ballot initiative, primarily the medical marijuana would be sold through private dispensaries, which is also the case in almost every state with legal cannabis. Herbert says he believes the state government should pass out legal medical marijuana itself. However, one marijuana advocate noted it could be a little dicey to have state officials selling and distributing a drug that's illegal at the federal level.

At the very least, it does sound like Herbert will at least respect the will of the voters in November, so if the initiative passes, he won't be a major roadblock into putting it in action.

(h/t Salt Lake Tribune)


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